Response from Bryant Welch to Lee Jaffe

As you may recall, I organized the class action antitrust suit against the American Psychoanalytic Association in 1985. My thanks to you and the board for your very gracious statement of apology. At the time of the lawsuit people on both sides of the dispute were fighting for their shared love of psychoanalysis and the hope it holds for a kinder and more loving world. Thus, it is not too surprising that with the resolution of the dispute that divided us so many wonderful relationships have formed and so much promising work been done. I was particularly grateful during the last two years of his life to have had monthly lunch dates with Bob Wallerstein who was the president of the IPA at the time of the lawsuit. Bob and I unpacked the lawsuit, its vicissitudes, and its distortions with great enthusiasm and did so, I must confess, with a love of gossip that only old lovers of psychoanalysis can truly perfect. My deepest gratitude to you and the American.

Bryant Welch, J.D., Ph.D.