Farewell from the Editor


It is with sadness that I announce my departure from TAP. My time as editor has been personally rewarding, and I have cherished many opportunities to get to know and work with others in APsaA. With the invaluable help of the special section editors, I have tried to bring interesting and thought-provoking articles to our membership, along with first class reporting about the many important activities APsaA offers.

There are many to whom I wish to express gratitude. First is our copy editor, Helene Wolff. Without Helene, there would be no TAP. She plans it, edits it, tracks it, and makes certain it is in your hands—and she is a consistent and helpful collaborator. Next to thank are our special section editors. In issue after issue, Michael Slevin and Leon Hoffman have provided incredibly valuable articles portraying the depth of our members’ experiences and interests involving important topics. Our other special editors have joined Michael and Leon in their excellent contributions: Arnold Richards and Arlene Richards, Robert Galatzer-Levy, and Bruce Sklarew.

Also, I wish to acknowledge and thank our Editorial Board. The board has provided suggestions, encouragement and solid advice in times of need. I wish to thank Bob Pyles, and also TAP’s previous editor, Janis Chester.

Doug Chavis