Welcome to APsaA Connects

Brian Canty and Wylie Tene

Brian Canty is manager of APsaA Computer Information Services.

Wylie Tene is director of APsaA Public Affairs.

On September 12, APsaA will be launching a new online and email-based community platform called “APsaA Connects.” This new system will replace the 20-year-old APsaA listservs with upgraded technology and several improved features to enhance overall communications between members, and within the many committees and work groups.

“For two decades, our members have made important connections with each other through our listservs, sharing information and resources, discussing the future of psychoanalysis, coming together in celebration and in other times to grieve world events,” said Harriet Wolfe, president of APsaA. “But our listservs have also had many limitations and for years we have needed to change to better technology. I hope APsaA members will be as excited as I am with this greatly improved means of email communication. It is an invaluable member benefit.”

With APsaA Connects members can now:

To kick off APsaA Connects, the National Office staff has created several online and email communities based primarily on our previous listserv lists. These include a members’ news and announcements community, and communities for members to discuss psychoanalytic education, APsaA elections, governance concerns, insurance, reimbursement and privacy issues, and, of course, a place for seeking referrals and other resources.

Please visit the members section at http://www.apsa.org/ or go to connect.apsa.org to log in to your account (use your APsaA membership log in and password) to set up your profile and email settings. There are also easy to follow instructions at http://www.apsa.org/ in the members section. If you have any issues logging in or accessing your account, please contact Brian Canty at bcanty@apsa.org or at 212-752-0450, ext. 17 in the National Office.

APsaA Connects will be an evolving internet community. Your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve your online experience over the coming months will be greatly appreciated. Please contact us at the National Office at 212-752-0450.