APsaA Fellowship

The Fellowship Program is designed as an early-career initiative for future leaders and educators in the fields of academia, mental health, psychiatry, psychology, social work, and multidisciplinary endeavors. It provides an opportunity to gain knowledge about psychoanalysis and become involved in your local and national psychoanalytic community.

All qualified applicants can request a psychoanalyst mentor with whom to meet monthly, a free email subscription to the APsaA newsletter (TAP), and complimentary registration at APsaA’s National and (if occurring) Annual Meetings.

Submission for the 2021-2022 Fellowship Program is closed. Winners will be announced follwing APsaA's 110th Annual Meeting to be held this September 17-19, 2021. Please check back in Early November for the 2022-2023 Fellowship Program Application.

Questions? Please contact Scott Dillon.