DPE Diversities Section

The APsaA DPE Diversities Section was established to better understand the ways in which the psychoanalytic community conceptualizes and addresses issues around the many diversities particularly as they pertain to psychoanalytic training.

We offer this searchable database as a tool for finding materials that pertain to the diversities in psychoanalytic education and beyond — APsaA Diversities Section Resource Webpage

How to Use this Database:

  1. The “Home” page contains the APsaA Diversities Section Mission Statement.
  2. APsaA Institutes Page
    1. Selecting the tab on the top navigation bar will lead you to the spreadsheet with the list of APsaA Affiliated Psychoanalytic Institutes. This sheet contains the institute’s webpage, contact information, and the kind of training they offer
    2. If you hover over the “APsaA Institutes” tab, you will find a dropdown to the page containing the APsaA Institutes curricula. Click to take you to a page of curricula folders
      1. Select the institute in order to open the folder containing all the relevant curricula for the given institute. This includes their curricula for psychoanalytic and psychodynamic training programs, when applicable.
  3. Psychoanalytic Resources Page
    1. Selecting the tab on the top navigation bar will take you to the home page for the psychoanalytic resources. The home page will provide a brief introduction to the content.
    2. If you hover over the “Psychoanalytic Resources” tab, you will find a dropdown to the pages containing the spreadsheets for the different resources. Click on the diversity you are interested in finding resources for in order to navigate to the spreadsheet.
      1. The resources are listed alphabetically
      2. Use the Ctrl + F function to type a keyword and search the resources pertaining to that keyword
        1. There is also a column listing the keywords for each resource
      3. For each resource, you will find the abstract or description on the spreadsheet

The APsaA Diversities Section is lead by Dr. Anton Hart, Ph.D.
The above document and website was organized in collaboration with Dr. Hart and Jordan Dunn, M.A., Doctoral Student at The New School and Diversities Section Research Assistant for 2019-2020.