SECOND WEEKEND – Saturday February 20th – Sunday February 21th


Open Virtual Sessions throughout the day


Poster Session

The 2021 Poster Session will be offered as a virtual gallery. Conference attendees will be able to independently view the posters throughout the conference and engage with poster presenters in real-time during two virtual chat sessions on Saturday February 13 from 5:00-6:00 p.m. Eastern and Saturday February 20 from 1:00-2:00 p.m. Eastern.


Presenters will list the dates they are available to chat as a part of their poster listing on the main Gallery page. During these sessions, attendees will be free to navigate between posters, submit their questions to presenters, and interact in real time using the Chat button on each individual poster page.


This poster session is designed to promote stimulating conversations and mutual learning among psychoanalytic practitioners, theorists, and researchers. Submissions have relevance to psychoanalytic theory, technique, practice and effectiveness of psychoanalysis, or interdisciplinary scholarship addressing research questions in neighboring fields.


This is the 20th annual poster session at the APsaA National Meeting.


Hallway/”Meet At The Clock”


In keeping with the spirit of APsaA’s Waldorf days where attendees would run into colleagues in the hallway or meet a friend at the clock, APsaA will have a Zoom room where participants can meet up with old and new friends throughout the day, have lunch together and network.




All sessions are live and listed in Eastern Time.


11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. – Saturday, February 20th

DPE Seminar: Early Career Psychoanalyst Education and Professional Development

Chair:              Richard C. Fritsch, Ph.D. (Washington DC)

Host:                Wendy Jacobson, M.D. (Atlanta, GA)

Presenters:      Sabrina Cherry, M.D. (New York, NY)

                        Kerry J. Sulkowicz, M.D. President-Elect (New York, NY)

                        Richard Tuch, M.D. (Los Angeles, CA)

Discussant:      Sarah L. Lusk, Ph.D. (Cambridge, MA)


Clinical Conference for Residents, Psychology and Social Work Trainees, And Students, Presented By APsaA Fellows: Shared And Different: Challenges Of Intersecting Ethnicities, Race And Class In Treatment Of Immigrants

Chair:              Joshua Turchan, Ph.D.* (Williamston, MI)

Host:                Tareq M. Yaqub, M.D.* (Ann Arbor, MI)

Presenter:       Ali Haidar, M.D.* (New York, NY)

Discussant:      Adrienne Harris, Ph.D. (New York, NY)


Discussion Group 1: The Psychodynamics and Psychological Impact Of Misogyny

Co-chairs:        Cecile R. Bassen, M.D. (Seattle, WA)

                        Hilli Dagony-Clark, Psy.D. (New York, NY)

Host:                Catherine Mallouh, M.D. (San Francisco, CA)

Presenter:       Patricia Alkolombre* (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Discussion Group 2: Italian Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Models Of Theory And Technique

Co-chairs:                    Andrea Celenza, Ph.D. (Lexington, MA)

                                    Christopher G. Lovett, Ph.D. (Newton Centre, MA)

Co-chair & Host:          John C. Foehl, Ph.D. (Cambridge, MA)

Presenter:                   Matthew Shaw, Ph.D. (New Haven, CT)

Discussant:                  Elena Molinari, M.D.* (Pavia, Italy)


Discussion Group 3: Teaching Psychodynamic Principles Through Film

Chair:                          Christopher W. T. Miller, M.D. (Baltimore, MD)

Presenter & Host:        Jooyoung Lee, M.D.* (Baltimore, MD)

Presenters:                  Lindsay L. Clarkson, M.D. (Dorset, VT)

                                    Donald R. Ross, M.D. (Baltimore, MD)


Discussion Group 4: Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Therapy

Co-chair & Host:          David Scharff, M.D. (Chevy Chase, MD)

Co-chair:                     Richard M. Zeitner, Ph.D. (Blue Springs, MO)

Presenter:                   Elizabeth Palacios, M.D.* (Zaragoza, Spain)


Discussion Group 5: Facing the Facts: Self-Disclosure And The Analytic Relationship

Chair:              Stephanie Brody, Psy.D. (Lexington, MA)

Host:                Catherine Kimble, M.D. (Lexington, MA)

Presenter:       Anne J. Adelman, Ph.D. (Chevy Chase, MD)

Discussant:      Alfred S. Margulies, M.D. (Auburndale, MA)







Discussion Group 6: Treating the Suicidal Patient

Chair:              Mark J. Goldblatt, M.D. (Cambridge, MA)

Host:                Benjamin J. Herbstman, M.D., M.H.S. (Cambridge, MA)

Presenter:       Lisa Citrin, LICSW (Cambridge, MA)

Discussants:     Elsa Ronningstam, Ph.D. (Belmont, MA)

                        Mark A. Schechter, M.D.* (Needham, MA)


Discussion Group 7: Insights from Infant Research For The Practicing Psychoanalyst: The Importance Of Behavioral Cues From Infancy To Adulthood

Chair & Host:   Nicholas Domaney, M.D. (Cambridge, MA)

Presenter:       Alexandra Harrison, M.D. (Cambridge, MA)


1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. – Saturday, February 20th

Poster Session Q & A

This is an opportunity to engage with the Poster Presenters in real time. During this session, attendees will be free to navigate between posters, submit their questions to presenters, and interact in real time using the Chat button on each individual poster page.

Note: This session does not offer Continuing Education Credit.



2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. – Saturday, February 20th

Oral History Workshop: The Social Voices of Psychoanalysts: The 1960s And 1970s

Chair & Presenter:      Nellie L. Thompson, Ph.D. (New York, NY)

Host:                            Laurie Wilson, Ph.D. (New York, NY)

Presenters:                  Daniel H. Jacobs, M.D. (Brookline, MA)

                                    John Martin-Joy, M.D. (Watertown, MA)

Discussant:                  Nancy J. Chodorow, Ph.D. (Cambridge, MA)


Research Seminar

Chair:              Katie C. Lewis, Ph.D.*(Stockbridge, MA)

Host:                Ilana Larkin, M.A.* (Evanston, IL)

Presenters:      Carly Inkpen, LICSW* (Cambridge, MA)

                        Xiaochen Luo, Ph.D.* (Santa Clara, CA)

                        Jamie Steele, M.A., M.F.T.* (Troy, NY)

Discussant:      Danielle Knafo, Ph.D.* (Great Neck, NY)


Committee Sponsored Workshop 1: Psychotherapy Training Curricula: Diversity Curricula in Psychotherapy Training Programs: Engaging The Remote: Teaching In A Time Of COVID

Co-chair:                     Ann Dart, LCSW* (Portland, OR)

Co-chair & Host:          Anna R. Schwartz, M.D. (New York, NY)

Presenters:                  Sue Baxt, Ph.D.* (Westmount, Canada)

                                    Matthew Griepp, Ph.D.* (New York, NY)

                                    Mark Moore, Ph.D. (Philadelphia, PA)


Committee Sponsored Workshop 2: The Business of Practice: Navigating Boredom

Chair:                          Michael D. Groat, Ph.D., M.S.* (New Canaan, CT)

Co-chair & Host:          Jonathan Kersun, M.D.* (Swarthmore, PA)

Presenter:                   Frank Tisano, M.S.W. (Philadelphia, PA)

Discussant:                  Kerry J. Sulkowicz, M.D. President-Elect (New York, NY)


Discussion Group 8: Research in Psychoanalysis – Remote Therapy And The Analyst: What Have We Learnt From The Pandemic?

Chair:              Tracy A, Prout, Ph.D.* (Bronx, NY)

Host:                Adam N. Moriwaki, Psy.D. (Muskego, WI)

Presenters:      Katie Aafjes-van Doorn* (Bronx, NY)

                        Vera Bekes, Ph.D.* (Montreal, Canada)

                        Leon Hoffman, M.D. (New York, NY)

                        Karl W. Stukenberg, Ph.D. (Cincinnati, OH)


Discussion Group 9: Shame Dynamics

Co-chair, Presenter & Host:    Peter Shabad, Ph.D.* (Lincolnwood, IL)

Co-chair:                                 Melvin R. Lansky, M.D. (Los Angeles, CA)


Discussion Group 10: The Vulnerable Child: It Takes A Village, Finding A Child’s Place in The Community

Co-chair & Host:          Richard L. Cruz, M.D. (Chadds Ford, PA)

Co-chair:                     Christie Huddleston, M.D. (Bala Cynwyd, PA)

Presenters:                  Kimberly Grant, M.A.* (Houston, TX)

                                    Felecia R. Powell-Williams, Ed.D., LPC-S, RPT/S (Houston, TX)

Discussant:                  Mary Davis, M.D. (Lancaster, PA)


Discussion Group 11: Treating Patients with Unrepresented Psychic Experience And Somatic States

Chair:              Deborah Shilkoff, LICSW (Cambridge, MA)

Co-chair:         Lucinda Di Domenico, M.D. (Newton Centre, MA)

Host:                Alistair A. McKnight, Psya.D., LMHC (Cambridge, MA)

Presenter:       Sureyya Iscan, Ph.D. (Westborough, MA)


Discussion Group 12: Ethical Dilemmas in Psychoanalytic Institutes

Co-chair & Host:          Susan Kattlove, M.D. (Cambridge, MA)

Co-chair:                     Stephanie Schechter, Psy.D. (Cambridge, MA)








5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. – Saturday, February 20th

DPE Child Congress: Research and Child Psychoanalysis: Integrating Analytic Principles and Empirical Strategies

Chair:              Pamela Meersand Ph.D. (New York, NY)

Host:                TBA


Discussion Group 13: Neuroscience Perspectives on Psychoanalysis

Chair & Host:               Mark J. Fisher, M.D. (Irvine, CA)

Discussants:                 Richard J. Kessler, D.O. (Long Island City, NY)

                                    Theo G.M. van Erp, Ph.D.* (Irvine, CA)


Discussion Group 14: The International Face of Relational Psychoanalysis

Chair:                          Anthony Bass, Ph.D. (New York, NY)

Co-chair & Host:          Adrienne Harris, Ph.D. (New York, NY)


Discussion Group 15: Love, Sex, And the American Psyche: Love Disorders In The Time Of Covid

Co-Chair & Presenter:             R. Curtis Bristol, M.D. (Washington, DC)

Co-Chair, Presenter & Host:    Stefan A. Pasternack, M.D. (Delray Beach, FL)


Discussion Group 16: Applying Historical and Social Factors In Clinical Psychoanalysis

Chairs:             Dorothy E. Holmes, Ph.D. (Bluffton, SC)

                        Donald B. Moss, M.D. (New York, NY)

                        Stephen Seligman, D.M.H. (San Francisco, CA)

Host:                Jill Smith, M.D. (Los Angeles, CA)

Presenters:      Jyoti Rao, M.F.T. (San Francisco, CA)


Discussion Group 17: Opera And Psychoanalysis

Co-chairs:        Ralph Beaumont, M.D. (Portland, OR)

                        Lynn Buell, MSW (Seattle, WA)

Host:                TBA

Presenters:      Francis Grier, M.A.Oxon.* (London, England)

                        John Muller, M.Phil.* (New York, NY)


Discussion Group 18: Psychoanalysis and China: Distance Analysis From Both Sides Of The Couch

Chair:              Lana P. Fishkin, M.D. (Bala Cynwyd, PA)

Co-chair:         Elise W. Snyder, M.D. (New York, NY)

Host:                Tiffany Bryant* (New York, NY)

Presenters:      Xiubing Wang, M.S. (Guang Dong, China)

                        Jiang Qi Zhuang, M.A.* (Sichuan, China)

Discussant:      Frederic Levine, Ph.D. (Coconut Grove, FL)



7:15 p.m.- 8:15 p.m. – Saturday, February 20th

Psychotherapy Department Information & Networking Event

All are invited to an informal evening to socialize with fellow psychotherapists and to talk about APsaA, the Psychotherapy Department and how you can become involved. There will be an exchange of information and perspectives about psychotherapy within the analytic community. Bring your favorite appetizer & beverage to the Zoom room!



SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21th, 2021 – DAY 5

All sessions are live and listed in Eastern Time.


11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. – Sunday, February 21th

DPE Research Education Dialogue: The Role of Mentalization And Reflective Function In Psychoanalytic Treatment: TFP & MBT

Chair:                                      Linda S. Goodman, Ph.D. (Los Angeles, CA)

Co-chair & Discussant:            Morris N. Eagle, Ph.D., ABPP (Marina Del Rey, CA)

Host:                                        Ebony Towner* (Los Angeles, CA)

Presenters:                              Elizabeth Allison, Ph.D.* (London, England)

                                                Peter Fonagy, Ph.D.* (London, England)

                                                Otto F. Kernberg, M.D. (White Plains, NY)

Discussant:                              Diana Diamond, Ph.D.* (New York, NY)


Professional Development Workshop: Re-Branding Psychoanalysis: Correcting the Public’s Misunderstandings

Co-Chairs:       Jack Drescher, M.D. (New York, NY)

                        Susan D. Kolod, Ph.D. (New York, NY)

Host:                TBA

Presenters:      Linda L. Michaels, Psy.D., MBA* (Chicago, IL)

                        Austin Ratner, M.D.* (New York, NY)


The Peter Loewenberg Essay Prize in Psychoanalysis And Culture

Chair & Host:                           Murray M. Schwartz, Ph.D. (Amherst, MA)

Presenter & Prize Winner:      Rosemary Rizq, Ph.D.* (London, England)

Discussant:                              Mitchell Wilson, M.D. (Berkeley, California)

Title:                                        ‘Familiar Artifice’: Ways of Telling in the Short Story, Psychoanalysis, and Alice Munro’s The Moons of Jupiter.

Note: This session does not offer Continuing Education Credit.


Discussion Group 19: Embracing or Foreclosing Change: Deepening The Treatment

Chair, Presenter & Host:         Peter Shabad, Ph.D.* (Lincolnwood, IL)





Discussion Group 20: Enriching Adult Analytic Work by Child Analytic Training and Practice

Co-chair, Presenter & Host:    Caroline M. Sehon, M.D. (Bethesda, MD)

Co-chair & Presenter:             Virginia Ungar, M.D.* (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Discussion Group 21: Fear, Faith, Guile and Grit: Psychoanalysis And Spirituality

Chair:              Paula Jean Hamm, M.A., LPC (Centreville, VA)

Host:                Marc S. Levine, M.D. (Washington, DC)

Presenter:       Joseph Novello, M.D. (Ashburn, VA)

Discussant:      Paul Marcus, Ph.D. (Great Neck, NY)


Discussion Group 22: A Hall of Mirrors: Impingements On The Analytic Container

Chair & Host:   Michael Krass, Ph.D. (Falls Church, VA)

Discussants:     Justine Kalas Reeves, LICSW, Psy.D. (Washington, DC)

                        Marie A. Murphy, MSW, BCD (Bethesda, Maryland)


Discussion Group 23: Psychoanalytic Perspectives On Women And Their Experience Of Competence, Ambition And Leadership

Co-chairs:        Frances Arnold, Ph.D. (Cambridge, MA)

                        Stephanie Brody, Psy.D. (Lexington, MA)

Host:                Trude Kleinschmidt, M.D. (Watertown, MA)

Presenter:       Adrienne Harris, Ph.D. (New York, NY)


Discussion Group 24: On Being Supervised: How to Help Supervisees Navigate Dynamics In The Digital Age

Chair:              Hilli Dagony-Clark, Psy. D. (New York, NY)

Host:                Sarah L. Lusk, Ph.D. (Cambridge, MA)

Presenter:       Daniel W. Prezant, Ph.D. (New York, NY)


2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. – Sunday, February 21th

Senior Analyst Presentation (PART 1)

Co-chair:                      Ethan M. Grumbach, Ph.D. (Los Angeles, CA)

Co-chair & Host:          Elizabeth Diamond, Ph.D. (Los Angeles, CA)

Presenter:                   Kathryn Zerbe, M.D. (Portland, OR)

Note: This program is open to candidate members and students only. Your registration for this session is subject to the approval of the session chair. Part 2 takes place from 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.


Research Symposium: Personality Diagnosis in Psychoanalysis And Psychotherapy: A Roadmap For Treatment

Chair:              Glen Gabbard, M.D. (Houston, TX)

Host:                Charles P. Fisher, M.D. (Berkeley, CA)

Presenter:       Jonathan Shedler, Ph.D. (San Francisco, CA)



Discussion Group 25: Protecting Confidentiality In Video Analysis

Chair:              Kevin V. Kelly, M.D. (New York, NY)

Host:                Peter Rudnytsky, Ph.D., LCSW (Gainesville, FL)

Presenters:      John Churcher* (Manchester, England)

                        Roy Huggins* (Portland, OR)


Discussion Group 26: Perspectives On Fathering

Co-chair:                     Seth Aronson, Psy.D. (New York, NY)

Co-chair & Host:          Phillip Blumberg, Ph.D. (New York, NY)

Presenters:                  Anne Alvarez, Ph.D., M.A.C.P.* (London, England)

                                    Judith Edwards, Ph.D.* (London, England)

                                    Graham Music, Ph.D.* (London, England)


Discussion Group 27: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on The Dissociative Disorders

Chair:              Richard P. Kluft, M.D. (Bala Cynwyd, PA)

Co-chair:         Ira Brenner, M.D. (Bala Cynwyd, PA)

Host:                Richard A. Chefetz, M.D.* (Washington, DC)


Discussion Group 28: Understanding Primitive Mental States and The Nature of The Object Relationship

Chair & Discussant:                 Lynne M. Zeavin, Psy.D. (New York, NY)

Host:                                        Amber Nemeth, Ph.D. (New York, NY)

Presenters & Discussants:       Lindsay L. Clarkson, M.D. (Dorset, VT)

                                                Kay Long, Ph.D.* (New Haven, CT)

                                                Shelley Rockwell, Ph.D. (Washington, DC)


Discussion Group 29: Psychodynamic Problems in Organizations and Workshop Of Committee On Organizational Consultation

Co-chairs:                    Steven Rolfe, M.D. (Bryn Mawr, PA)

                                    Kenneth M. Settel, M.D. (Brookline, MA)

                                    Kerry J. Sulkowicz, M.D. President-Elect (New York, NY)

Host:                            TBA

Presenter:                   Kathleen White, Ph.D.* (New York, NY)


Discussion Group 30: The Inside Focus: Listening for Affect And Defense Inside The Clinical Hour

Chair & Host:   Diana S. Rosenstein, Ph.D. (Jenkintown, PA)

Presenter:       Rachel G. Gross, M.D. (Philadelphia, PA)







5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. – Sunday, February 21th

Senior Analyst Presentation (PART 2)

Co-chair:                      Ethan M. Grumbach, Ph.D. (Los Angeles, CA)

Co-chair & Host:          Elizabeth Diamond, Ph.D. (Los Angeles, CA)

Presenter:                   Kathryn Zerbe, M.D. (Portland, OR)

Note: This program is open to candidate members and students only. Your registration for this session is subject to the approval of the session chair. Part 1 takes place from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Discussion Group 31: Pharmacotherapy and Psychoanalysis

Co-chairs:        Frederic N. Busch, M.D. (New York, NY)

                        David Gutman, M.D. (New York, NY)

Host:                David Gutman, M.D. (New York, NY)

Presenter:       Aaron Reliford, M.D.* (New York, NY)


Discussion Group 32: Effects of The Holocaust And Genocide On Survivors And Family Members

Chair:              Ira Brenner, M.D. (Bala Cynwyd, PA)

Co-chair:         Nanette C. Auerhahn, Ph.D. (Beachwood, OH)

Host:                Valentino Zullo, M.A., MSSA* (Cleveland, OH)

Presenter:       Francoise Davoine, Ph.D.* (Paris, France)


Discussion Group 33: Analytic Listening

Chair:              Ralph Beaumont, M.D. (Portland, OR)

Host:                TBA

Presenter:       Mary-Stone Bowers, M.F.T. (Campbell, CA)


Discussion Group 34: Conflicting Subjectivities and Self-Interests Between Analyst And Patient

Co-chair, Co-discussant & Host:          Margaret Crastnopol, Ph.D. (Seattle, WA)

Co-chair & Presenter:                         Irwin Hirsch, Ph.D.* (New York, NY)

Co-discussant:                                     Joye Weisel-Barth* (Encino, CA)


Discussion Group 35: No Bodies in The Room

Chair:              Susan Vaughan, M.D. (New York, NY)

Host:                Mark J. Blechner, Ph.D. (New York, NY)

Presenter:       Lyn Yonack, M.S.W. (Great Barrington, MA)

Discussant:      Danielle Knafo, Ph.D.* (Great Neck, NY)



Note: An asterisk (*) denotes a non APsaA member