Zoom Meeting Recording

The recording of the following sessions will be sent to all participants on Monday, July 8th.

Session 1: Artificial Intelligence and Actual Psychoanalysis

Session 2: Awakening Awareness of our Racialized Unconscious: Multicultural Perspectives

Session 3: The Right to Privacy and Its Psychic Relevance

Session 5: Ernest Becker’s Magnum Opus “The Denial of Death,” Fifty Years On

Session 7: A Project for a Scientific Psychedelic Psychoanalysis

Session 8: The Allure Of Authoritarian and Fascist States of Mind

Session 9: Freud, Gandhi, and South Asia: Historical, Philosophical, and Clinical Perspectives

Session 10: Dialogues with Holmes Report – Racism as a Central Definer of Culture

Session 11: The Unremembered Contributions of  Drs. William Alanson White, Harry Stack Sullivan, and Clara Thompson

Session 12: Preserving Standards, Embracing Change: Competencies Research Project by the American Board of Psychoanalysis

The following sessions were not recorded:

Session 4: Creativity in the on-Line Analysis of a Five Year Old During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Session 6: Building Bridges:  The Psychoanalytic Practitioner/Clinician/Provider’s Role in Treating Autism

Please note: The Continuing Education Evaluation period will end on Wednesday, July 3, 2024, at midnight, Eastern Time. On Monday, July 8, recordings of the sessions will be sent to all registrants. However, please be aware that registrants cannot receive CE credit for viewing these recordings, as the sessions are part of a Live Continuing Education Activity. To ensure eligibility for CE credit, please complete the online evaluation by Wednesday, July 3, 2024, at midnight, Eastern Time.