Dear Candidates,


Welcome to the Candidates’ page on APsaA’s meeting website! 

Here you will find helpful information to make the most of your time at the meeting.


I’d like to highlight some of the candidate programs that may be of interest to all candidates. 


Attending candidate programs is a great way to meet candidates from all around the country in small discussion group settings, and may present the beginning of a rewarding connection to APsaA’s candidates’ community. My involvement with APsaA’s Candidates’ Council began just the same way, when as a first-time attendee I attended the Paper Prize presentation. After which, I joined the panel of judges for the Paper Prize. In the following years, this led to more involvement and a rewarding experience within the Candidates’ Council. 


Our first candidate program will be… 


The Candidates’ Council Breakfast on Thursday, June 2nd, at 8:15am, during which candidates and candidate delegates from each institute get together prior to the meeting of the Candidates’ Council. The Council’s purpose, through its delegates, officers, committees, and other candidate participants, is to improve the psychoanalytic training experience. 


Attend the breakfast only or stay for the entire Candidates’ Council Meeting and participate in discussing issues that are relevant to candidates. This is an informal opportunity to meet the Candidates’ Council’s leadership as well as other candidates, and it’s an opportunity to begin developing a professional network throughout the country. 


Following the Candidates’ Council Meeting… 


From 11am-12:30pm, we will have our Master Teacher Award Ceremony and a talk by the 2022 Master Teacher Award recipient, Dr. Melvin Bornstein, entitled; “You Only Have Yourself To Rely On: The Wondrous Gift Of Psychoanalytic Education.” 


A few of the other candidate programs throughout the meeting are… 

• Our discussion group (#15) entitled: “The Candidate at Work: Working Analytically with Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Children (on Wednesday); 

• Candidates’ Forum: “Dear Candidate: Analysts From Around The World Offer Personal Reflections On Psychoanalytic Training, Education, And The Profession” (on Thursday)

• The 2022 Lee Jaffe Candidates’ Council Paper Prize Presentation, featuring the semi-finalist paper entitled, “Finding “Sense” in Separation: Aesthetic Experiences As Transitional Phenomena In The Analytic Process” by Alice Huang, MD. (on Friday)

I’d also like to highlight our, “Coffee With A Distinguished Analyst” featuring Dr. Dorothy Holmes and her talk entitled, “Oh, Psychoanalysis: Wherefore Art Thou? A Conversation About Tensions, Splits, and Opportunities In Psychoanalytic Identity.”  (on Saturday morning). 


Finally, I extend a special invitation to join us at the Joint APsaA Candidates’ Council/IPSO ‘Summer Party’ on Thursday evening at 7:00pm-9:00pm along the Boston Harbor aboard a classic yacht. This is a great opportunity to socialize  with candidates and meeting participants.  Information about signing up and paying for this event is linked below.


I hope you will enjoy your time at the meeting, meet fellow candidates and analysts from around the country ‘in-person’, and attend stimulating psychoanalytic sessions. 


Feel free to reach out to me if I can be of any assistance.


I look forward to seeing you in Boston!



Sumru Tufekcioglu, PhD

President, Candidates’ Council

Candidates Travel Scholarship

Joint Candidates’ Council/IPSO Summer Party