110th Annual Meeting – Frequently Asked Questions

Will APsaA’s 110th Annual Meeting be held virtually or at a hotel?

APsaA’s 110th Annual Meeting will be held virtually.


What will the format be?

The 110th Annual Meeting will include a mix of Zoom Webinars, Zoom Meetings and Zoom Meetings with Breakout Rooms. The format for each session will be listed in the Preliminary Program.


Can I receive a hard copy of the Preliminary Program in the mail?

Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot send a hard copy of the program in the mail. We will not be printing the Preliminary Program for the 110th Annual Meeting.


How many CE credits are available for this meeting? Are there sessions in Cultural Competency?  How do I receive CE credits?

Credits available for this meeting

Cultural Competency sessions

How do I receive CE credits?


Will Recordings be available after the meeting?

Some sessions will be recorded for On-Demand content after the meeting.  Click here to see the most updated list. 


Can I receive CE credit for watching a Recording?

No, you can not receive CE credit for watching a recording. The Scientific Sessions have been planned as Live Continuing Education Activities.  Some sessions may be converted into On-line CE after the meeting. More information will be posted on our website when available. 

When does pre-registration begin and end?

Pre-registration will start on Tuesday, August 3 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern and will end on Thursday, September 16 at midnight Eastern.  Registrations submitted after September 16 will be processed at the on-site registration rate. 

Why should I pre-register?

Registration fees are at their lowest when you pre-register. 


Will there be “on-site” or “day of” registration?

Yes. Each day, there will be a window of time before the meeting starts when you can register.  Due to Zoom link security, no registration will take place while sessions are in progress. 

The hours for “day of” registration are:


All times are Eastern:


Friday, September 17

12:01 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Eastern. First session begins at 12:00 noon.  


Saturday, September 18

12:01 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Eastern. First session begins at 12:00 noon


Sunday, September 19

12:01 a.m.10:30 a.m. Eastern. First session begins at 12:00 noon



I want to register for just one session. Can I do that?

No, there are no single session fees available.


What are the various Registration fees and Categories?

To see a list of Registration fees and Categories, click here 


Can I register by mail and send in a check?

No, the only way to register for this meeting is online with a credit card. Due to Covid-19, there is no one in the office to receive your registration or payment.


How do I register for the meeting?

Registration opens on Tuesday, August 3 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern. You can register by clicking here.


Pre-registration ends on Thursday, September 16 at midnight, Eastern.


What happens once I register?

After you register, you will immediately receive two emails; a registration confirmation email and a credit card payment confirmation.  All sessions take place virtually via Zoom.  You will receive the Zoom links to the sessions you have pre-registered for the day before each session.  These links are specific to you and should not be shared with anyone else. 

You will receive a separate email with the Zoom link for each session you have registered for.


I don’t remember if I registered for the meeting or what sessions I registered for. How can I check?

Please contact Chris Broughton, Meeting Registration Manager.


I changed my mind about which sessions I want to attend. Can I make any changes to my registration?

Please contact Chris Broughton, Meeting Registration Manager before Wednesday, September 15th.


What is your cancellation policy?

All requests for refunds must be made via email to Chris Broughton. A 20% administrative fee will be deducted from refund requests received on or before Wednesday, September 15, 2021.  No refund requests will be accepted after Wednesday, September 15, 2021.

What are your policies regarding recordings, liability, code of conduct, etc?

See our In-Person and Virtual Meetings Policies page.


I am interested in the reduced registration fees for Research/Educator/Psychotherapist/Psychotherapy Trainee or Student/Resident Associates and other benefits. Am I eligible to join an Associates program?

To register as an Associate and take advantage of the reduced registration fee, applications need to be completed online by Wednesday, September 1st (or Wednesday, September 15th for “Day of” Registration). 

Former Associates should renew their 2021 affiliation prior to registering for the meeting. Applications and renewals received after the deadline date will incur the “day of” registration fee.

Please click here for information and fees for APsaA’s Associates Programs. For any additional questions regarding the programs, please contact Bronwyn Zevallos, Membership Services Assistant, [email protected].