The American Psychoanalytic Association's publications include:

The Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association (JAPA)
One of the world's most respected publications in psychoanalysis, JAPA offers insightful and broad-based original articles, ground-breaking research, thoughtful plenary addresses, in-depth panel reports, perceptive commentaries and much more.

The American Psychoanalyst (TAP)
The quarterly magazine of the American Psychoanalytic Association reports on news of the organization, events, meetings, reports from committees, elections, announcements and appointments.

Once a quarterly newsletter, Forward! now appears as a column in The American Psychoanalyst (TAP). It focuses on best practices in outreach and nonprofit management in relationship to APsaA's accredited training institutes, centers, affiliate societies, study groups and related foundations.

The Candidate Connection
The newsletter of the APsaA Candidates’ Council is written for candidates by candidates. It reports on the business of the Candidates’ Council, its committees and Institute delegates.

The President's Corner
APsaA's blog is currently written by Warren R. Procci, M.D., the American Psychoanalytic Association's President. He blogs about psychoanalysis and the mental health profession as they relate to current issues in public policy and society.

Psychotherapy E-Newsletter
The Psychotherapy E-Newsletter was published by APsaA's Task Force on Psychotherapy. Publication of the newsletter has been discontinued with the special final edition in April of 2009.